Wanted – Reviews

“In his autobiographical debut, Lucas (The Potter and the Clay, 2014) recounted his tumultuous journey from drug-addled dissipation to redemption through Jesus. In this volume, he relates the traps set by Satan for those who have yet to craft a strong relationship with Jesus, and the various ways in which one can resist evil and craft a joyous spirituality: “The purpose in my writing this book is to expose the fallacy of Satan’s intentional mental warfare designed to crush the spirit and decrease the stability of our minds.” According to the author, people live in times particularly susceptible to Satan’s mendacious attacks, given the undermining of objective truth by postmodern culture. Furthermore, Satan—“the father of the unbelieving slaves”—exploits people’s credulity to appeal to their principal temptations: “the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.” Those who are lost in depression and loneliness are Satan’s primary targets, but the good news is that God maintains a “special heart” for those trapped in suffering. Lucas draws on Scripture and his own personal experiences to describe the spiritual redemption made available to everyone by Jesus’ sacrifice. He also furnishes arguments regarding the historicity of Jesus as well as his ministry’s fulfillment of biblical prophecy. The author’s anecdotal remembrance of his own perilous journey from anguish to spiritual contentment is both remarkable and inspiring. In addition, he provides a thorough rendering of Satan’s role in Christian theology. “I know from experience that if there’s one thing that strikes fear in the darkened soul of Satan, it’s the name of Jesus!” This is a work of preaching—unsurprising because the author is in fact an Evangelical preacher—and a rousing one at that. A stirring spiritual account for Christians searching for motivation.”


“The tone of the book is quite conversational and friendly. This makes it very easy for the reader to connect and get hooked quickly. One great thing that readers really appreciate is a tone that is not commandeering, but rather soft because, at the end of the day, you want to sell your story to the reader. Not only that, you want to convince them, to make them see things your way. I really appreciate how this book manages to do just that.

This book is written by Ellis Lucas and shares transformations that he has made in the lives of numerous people. The book starts off with some testimonies of how some people’s lives have been changed a lot due to his great teachings. What touched me most was the first testimony that was written by his brother, who actually found Christ through Ellis and his wife, Peggi. This gives a different new meaning to family values. This has just personally taught me that I should uplift my siblings and show them the right way. Ellis also talks about his mother always prayed for him even when he didn’t believe. This, basically, teaches that you should never give up on the people you love. Always pray for them and always hope for the best.

Ellis points out one major thing that I think is truly true. There is mention of how we have become a society of lawlessness due to the fact that we don’t question what’s right and what’s wrong. In fact, we do things that make us feel good. Because of this, the media uses a lot of imagery, music and film in order to influence the way people think or act, simply by tapping into our emotions.

Ellis also explains scripture in a way that makes you understand it better. Scriptures are interpreted differently every day and because of that, it can get really confusing at times. You just don’t know what to believe. However, Ellis has his unique way of explaining and interpreting the word of God. It clearly shows that he works with revelation. He has a way of explaining scriptures that just makes everything clear, as well as question what you have been told before.

Finally, I really appreciate how Ellis goes on to mention the things that have, and still destroy families. The topic of family is quite sensitive to me because I have broken family relations because of all the things that are mentioned in this book. These include pride, betrayal and lust, which are all mentioned in this book.

Overall, this is a great book with great teachings. I really enjoyed reading it and found it quite helpful. In times where we have a lot of pressure, it can be difficult to keep our spirituality in check and this book helps a lot. Many thanks to the author!”

Vicki Miz