The Potter and the Clay – Reviews

The Potter and the Clay by Ellis Lucas is the journey of a man in the depths of despair, climbing his way out of it to the triumph of forgiveness and embracing salvation. This book gave me hope in my situation, making amends and asking for forgiveness from those I have unknowingly hurt in some way. Our destinies are already written, but we as humans need to travel through the trials and the bumps in the road to the end, whether it is bitter or sweet. We do have the power to change the written destiny if we welcome the spirit of the Lord into our hearts, minds and souls. I recommend The Potter and the Clay for anyone who is struggling and needs a helping hand.”

Patsy Glans
Readers’ Favorite

“I am truly honored to be asked to give my recognition to this riveting book. What an amazing testimony of giving what I like to call good old fashioned “shoe-leather” theology. It is a must read for those who might feel as though they are damaged beyond repair. Jesus is not only in the business of salvation but also renovation. He is always there with open arms to receive us the way we are, but loves us too much to leave us that way. He is so worthy, not only of our praise, but of our surrender to His shaping.”

Pastor Scott Gurwell
Calvary Chapel – Liberty, Missouri

“It is my greatest honor to recommend this book. Life many times takes us down a road to addiction, loneliness, emptiness, and sadness. It spirals out of control and then we find ourselves in a place of no return! But Ellis tells us in his book how he finds hope, peace, love, and life. How his life now has purpose. It happened when he gave his life away and began to obey the one that could reshape him. Everyone should read this book and give one to someone who needs some hope in their life.”

Rev. John Mohler
Chaplain Missouri Bikers for Christ

“It is with great joy that I give my highest recommendation for this impactful book, The Potter and the Clay. This riveting story of a tragic life, countered by the faithfulness and love of God, serves as a life preserver for many who are sinking in the murky waters of hopelessness. This is the sort of story I would gladly recommend as a source of encouragement for the prodigal and those waiting for them to return home. Ellis’s story is raw, yet compelling; it reaches down to the gutter of human despair and rises to height of divine providence. In my opinion, the story of Ellis Lucas is a timely resource for healing and restoration for today’s lost and broken generation.”

Pastor Al Pittman
Calvary Worship Center – Colorado Springs, Colorado

“Ellis’ story is hugely impacting and will help those who are hurting from past and present abuse to understand that God loves them and is still at work in their lives to bring healing and hope.”

Victor Marx
All Things Possible Ministries

“The title of Ellis Lucas’ book, The Potter and The Clay, I thought pretty much summed it up: “A story of a lump of mud, we call humanity, that is transformed into something beautiful and useful by a creative potter.” However, after reading I found it to be much more than that! There is power in a personal life changing testimony. There is hope in knowing that we are not alone in the trials and challenges we may face. There is encouragement for those that feel hopeless and helpless. Ellis’ story is one that will resonate with wayward prodigals and worrisome parents. I highly recommend spending time with this book and reflecting on your own relationship with the Potter.”

David Lin
Lead Singer – 9th Hour

“This book shows the love and grace of God in a person’s life. After reading this book, I feel it can be a great help to many Christians and those struggling with becoming a Christian (accepting Christ as their Savior and Lord). This book describes how a loving God has taken time to make sure we know His love for us and how He puts people in our lives to help draw us to Him. It also shows how God uses difficult circumstances to demonstrate His magnificent work. Ellis’s testimony shows how God can use anyone, no matter what they have done in their past, and glorify Himself. We may not have experienced what Ellis has, but because of his testimony, we too can look back and see how God’s grace has been working in our lives. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).” I recommend this book for everyone, no matter what his or her spiritual walk is like. For those who may be in doubt about God’s love for them and for the seekers: God is there and ready to bring you into His family.”

Pastor Wayne Titus
Valley Community Church – Rapid City, South Dakota

“Knowing Ellis as a man sold out to right living, as one who spends his entire life to help others, that’s one thing. Then to read his story—to glimpse backward into the broken mess of the first chapters of his life–that’s another. He is an entirely different man now! The contrast is spectacular. The catalyst for this truly radical change is stunning. Whatever interrupted him is worthy of a look. If your life needs a touch on the reset button, here’s a story for you. Believe me, Jesus works. I’ve seen evidence. His name is Ellis.”

Lori Harris
Recording Artist

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